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- Samik Kharel
> One Note Feel
I am one of those guitar learners, who never wanted to be fast or a technical freak. I don’t know why, but fast players never caught my ears and the technical freaks were just limited in audio and video lessons. My perception to this maybe criticized but I am ready for any kind of criticism at this particular discussion.

As an amateur player, I have always wanted to go beyond the basic chords. And some time I have even wanted to come back to a single note which when combined together makes a chord. And we all know we can judge a player by a single note. I have always been fascinated with this single note. The one is note defining every single meaning to life. A note which definitely has a sound to it, but it also has happiness and sorrow. The one note with different feelings, moods but yet its serenity.

Many artists have poured out their happiness and love. And some have poured out pain and protests through their songs and playing. What is the difference then? It’s all about feelings. A note here can change an entire life. It can change perceptions and can influence generations. It can shatter the strongest of nerves and it can link back too opposite poles. This is one thing I really admire about the masters of the blues. They concentrate on a single note, getting the best feel out of it. That’s why I personally never want to title them as players. They are the masters and every generation is going to see them as masters. If some one says “I listen to the blues” I can assure he doesn’t really know what blues is or he doesn’t listen to it. Personally I always say “I feel the blues”. And I am very proud that I truly feel it.

- Nandita Rana
> Family and Music
The rain fell down ...... on a cold hard ground, the song kept playing …… No but the song just stopped ! what happened was her father came and stopped the CD. All she could think about was \"what’s wrong\".
Of course the big question here is \"what’s wrong\"? what’s wrong when a child loves music so much, what’s with the parents here. The one problem they have is, they just can’t take it when there children starts developing the taste for music. Here all that most of the parents can say or do is music is distraction and stop listening to that piece of ………. I don’t know what. Could they be a bit more easy and appreciative on this?

Who’s to blame here? Of course the answer is our parents but more precisely speaking I think it’s the society and the perception that plays the part of the big daddy. We say we belong to the third world country category. Its true that we do. Looking at our literacy rate it’s most probably pathetic. So our society has a blind feeling that studying is the only way out. Of course it is. But is studying only about having an MBBS degree or an Engineering Certificate? And if you even consider studying music the whole world (actually inside the family circle) starts to tumble and scatter all over the place. Therefore the best thing one can do is shut one’s thoughts about music out of his/her brains from the core itself. How sad isn’t it. For the lame excuses that our society gives to us that about studying music is that it would lead us nowhere. That we may have to struggle a lot and not earn enough. The worst fear they have is that one will end up abusing drugs and waste away his life on alcohol and what not. But in my opinion it’s up to an individual to decide that, I think that struggling hard for what one carves for is more than a divine bliss. In the process they don’t even realize that with such constricting thoughts that our society beholds we may be loosing one of the Mozart’s. the Beethoven or Jimi Hendrix and so many other great musician that this generation could create.
So its up to us, we who are aware should be able to work for it. Let’s start from today, a new revolution. A musical revolution indeed ……….

While the juke box sings again, \"..................................… don't you know we are talking about a revolution – sounds like a whisper …….\"

- Nandita Rana
> Riot Act
Music is liberation. Music is an art. Music is emotions, and music is God. Talking about music these philosophies and the deep hidden emotions go on and on. There is no stopping to it. In fact, for people like me, sound plays a very important role in our lives, where music is a sonic experience and a vital fuel for everyday survival.

Here's how it goes, the first musical extravaganza starts from the nerve wrecking alarm clock in the morning, then the gushing of water in the bathroom flush, takes the second position. However, not considering, other forms of human noise, somehow you manage to turn on the stereo. The FM station shouts about the same old stuffs so its always pleasant to hear some great deal of your favorites records. It plays on and on and somehow even the most gloomy day appear sunny and bright. Well, then life goes on simple and plain.

Music of course lights up the mood. However, the kind of music and the kind of mood it creates, of course matters a lot. A piece of holiday jazz would be comforting for a relaxing mood while a piece of thrash would of course raise some hell in our little brains. It is fun to react but not as fun when we over react. Music is inspiration however negative inspiration is venomous and despiteful. We have a trend here, I man globally, that one takes "a heavy dose of heavy metal, thrash, black metal and what not. Then the inspiration gets a way too heavy. Especially in concerts, there starts a war-break thing, kill people, burn places, verbal assault and it goes on.

Not meaning that listening to such music is forbidden or anything but people should not over react. They only seem to create riot act, promoting violence and dishevel in the society. This really gives a bad impression in the name of being devoted to music or being a musician. Music is in fact, a good will. It is in fact liberation and meditation. So why not let music be for peace, love, empathy and an undying brotherhood. Why not music be for humanity and each and every organism of this planet. Music has its own dimensions and we have our own human limits. Promoting music for obscene is a thoughtless act. Therefore. let music be ephemeral and pure and free, not riot act.

- Nandita Rana
> Music Pollution
"Music is Medicine." The ever growing popularity of music therapy within the past few years must be whole enough to justify. Music is kind of an outlet to let emotions out. Be it pure frustration or a sudden rush of excitement. It is true music triggers the passion from the depth of our feelings. In other words, it can be said that music is an expression of moods. Music is a medicine and music is moody! Maybe this is why we have all sort of music from Tchaikovsky, Beethoven to cradle of filth, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Travis and what not. Each belonging to a certain category, evoking a particular mood. Now we can say that music is versatile. It is just like rubber band transformed into any shape and stretched to limits.

The versatility is indeed an advantage. However, people sometimes tend to misuse their credibility and many such advantages are misdirected. In this case as well, the real purpose of music is faded over commercialism. People 'make' music, not create it and they 'sell' music, not play it. Music is an industry these days - a factory with big, dumb machines working monotonous rounds with no life in it and that is what is labeled as music. Moreover these kind of music industry get million dollar campaigns. Talking about these campaigns, it is even more embarrassing. All that their advertisements can use is sex appeal, pornography, violence, homicide and the gold, diamond "bling-bling" with sleek machines. How can this probably be something called real music? The best that this kind of an act can be called is a provocative, cheap entertainment and no way real music can be compared to this piece of garbage. Music is all about expression, purity and passion and not vulgarity, phoniness and business. Music is a part of spirituality that cannot be over- materialized.

However there are many such great people who are actually the advent grade of what we define as real music. People like Narayan Gopal, Ry Cooder, Sid Barret, Nushrat Fati Ali Khan, Jimi Hendrix, Norah Jones and many more are the real musicians, be it eastern or western. Therefore, let music remain unpolluted and let music and the musicians be truly respected.

- Nandita Rana
> Dreaming
"As I delve into the endless thoughts with my unintentional gaze, I come across many things; many experiences, memories, feelings and realities. These emotions come gushing and they form a stream- so clear and fresh. They switch automatically with such smooth transition, as swift as it can be! At the moment I may be lying in my bed staring at the cold walls that envelop my being but nay, I am traveling, through space and time.
There form those scenes that I so desperately want to be living in and sometimes I transit to the backwardness of eons that I have survived. These feelings only come so alive, I cannot explain. I only get engulfed by it bit by bit and I am faintly aware, if that is what consciousness means. I am trapped in between my own illusions. At an instance I feel the glory of my happiness overwhelming me with a funny grin that I can feel stretching over my face while suddenly the jolts of pain hit me hard somewhere inside, conceived by the memories of tragedies buried in some corner of my brain. All in all I am awed by this trickery; these tricks that my thoughts are playing with me. They all seem to be in a chain of such unbreakable and the most logical sequence yet they are randomized into a total frenzy. However that is what the fun is all about here!

feels as though I am transcending into the other, a sphere where I am the designer and the only resident of this entire new eternity. As though I am traveling through a dream that lives and breathes as does most of the creature in this little planet, where my body still dwells. Such a dream, where I change directions and I fly the wings across a sky that overlooks mazes and tapestries, all so magnificent. At this point my physical being makes no great sense to me. Somewhere in the corner I have a slight feeling that either this is some illumination that I am experiencing or it is just a real dream that I am forcing in myself- something so much called to be a virtual reality. A reality that’s somehow unreal…. to me that sounds quite absurd, after all.

If this reality that we live everyday is such a solid thing then why cannot dreams be another reality in its hard ground? Then why is dreaming and imagination only a perceptual imbalance? May be the life we live and the morale and values we are taught from the very beginning are incomplete, missing, misleading and imbalanced in itself. Maybe life exists in both dreaming and living; Living being the physical aspect of life and dreaming the spiritual aspect. If that is not true then soul never exists, its only the waning and ageing frail physique of ours that survive till the hour called ‘death’ and after that we die, forever. Makes little sense to my perceptions! While if the soul exists then we never die, only we shed skin called ‘life’.

We rule our own universe that we create ourselves, yet we fall into the trap of believing what is right and wrong that belongs to someone else’s. We may agree with other’s point of view that is something different, it is a sign of respect for each other but when we start to follow, things take a different turn. Then self abandonment starts to creep in and we get lost, caught in the middle. That’s how we are most of the times and I do not exclude myself while saying this. We constantly fall for traps. However if we live in the universe we create for ourselves someday will come when the entire universe is one. It is one for all and all for one, kind of a situation. Then the world stops, while the crack of the other world opens to us, of the so-called virtual reality.

Well for now I maybe tagged a dreamer and guess what… I love dreaming!!!

- Nandita Rana
> Window
"I'm looking out, through this tainted glass
To the outside
Blurred are the visions
Deformed are the shapes- that they carry
The sun rises-
Some clouds hide it all away
The doors are closed
I'm breathing the same air, again and again
Hearing the tunes
That I can only hear
and nothing else.
I think about myself
I think about everybody else
I smile, and I regret
I sit down in a chair
Stare outside again
Through the tainted glass
I try to see, the outside
With the doors closed
And the same air,
The same old chill
The same old tunes
And I close my eyes
While they all pass me by……….
One by one"
- Ashesh Dangol
> Music an Art
Music is the art of living. No matter which gender or instrument we play but it speaks the language of our heart, painters play with their colors, photographers play with lights and shades, sculptures give the shape and musicians flow with their notes.

The wind blow,
The bird sing,
Water fall,
The fish swing ,
The sun rise,
The morning flow,
The sun set,
The moon shine,
The night crawl,
The blues man began to rise...
- Rockmandu
> History of Blues in Kathmandu
The Blues evolved primarily from a folk culture developed in the southern USA by a Black community whose ancestors were transported from west to work as slaves.

The hardship of the life they had, the pain, love, hunger, boundaries is fully expressed through their blues music. Their life was hard but their music kept on rolling as one of the most popular form of music all over the world.

As far as the history of blues in Nepal is considered Mukti and Revival are the first band to introduce the blues as the mainstream music. The other bands known for playing blues music in Nepal are Newaz, Looza etc. And since then blues has been known to people of Nepal.

Newaz was disbanded and the members of Newaz teamed-up with Mukti Sakya to form Mukti and Revival. Kalanki ko Jam is one of there best folk blues album ever produced by Mukti & Revival.

There are a handful of blues bands in Nepal. Some of these young talents are Nekhvam, Jocose and Spirits.

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